Revelation (an OSX Expose'-Like Example Application)


  • Tcl/Tk (recent version)
  • wmctrl
  • ImageMagick


Description and Usage:

This is just a little thing I threw together to learn a little Tcl/Tk. I tried to mimic the functionality of OSX's Expose'.. or at least some subset of it's functionality. Put the application somewhere in your path and bind it to a keystroke in your favorite window manager and to make it look pretty, set the window to have no decorations. My window manager is IceWM and the pertinent sections of the config files are listed below:

key "F12" revelation.tcl

revelation.tcl.dTitleBar: 0
revelation.tcl.dBorder: 0

Use TAB to scroll through the available windows and Return or Space to select a specific window or Left-Click on a window to select it. Use x or Middle-Click to close a window without leaving revelation. Use p or Right-Click on a window to take a current thumbnail snapshot of the window (new snapshot thumbnails are only taken when a window is first encountered unless you force a new capture).